11.06.2007 Sorry, GoDaddy will not allow me to run a circumventor anymore :'(. Ill let you know when I come up with something else. 10.18.2007 The tagging system is in somewhat of a beta stage. I got the basic functionality working. Right now you can only tag content on the front page by clicking on the T that hovers over the image. Eventually you will be able to tag content from inside the directories. If you look at your profile you can see whatever content you tagged. If you want to delete it you can click the x next to the name of the content. I'm tired so it is time for bed. 10.17.2007 Long time without any updates so here are a couple games. 09.22.2007 Has been a while since I updated last. I updated a few games and I'm about to start implementing the ability to tag content. 09.04.2007 School has resumed and my first class (Game Design) has been about 10 minutes long. That was pretty sweet. Now I am sitting in the cafe and updating the site. Actually this is probably the only update you will see today. 08.30.2007 Its been a while since I have updated any games so here are a couple. 08.29.2007 Started to implement user profiles.
08.28.2007 Rolled out the new layout. Within the next day or two I will have some new games and videos on the front page.

08.26.2007 Well as you can see I have started to redesign the layout of the site. It is going to take some time. After the layout is complete I will continue to go about adding additional features like user profiles and the ability to tag content as well as submit content. For now you are going to have to wait.
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